Port of Salalah along with Omanexpo is organizing a webinar on ‘Port of Salalah Digitization Forum in partnership with Dhofar Chamber of Commerce’ on 14 July 2020 at 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM (GST). This webinar will feature presentations from top leaders within Oman's logistics sector highlighting the current trends, requirement, and future of digitization.

Objectives of the webinar:

Expectation from customer in terms of Port of Salalah digitisation:

  • To evaluate general satisfaction level of services offered by Port of Salalah
  • Digitization – Status update and feedback from customers on expectations
  • Create Engagement

Target Audience:

All customer segments of Port of Salahah including:

  • Landside customers
  • Shipping Lines – Principals/Agents
  • Freight Forwarders / Logistics companies
  • Containers – Exporters/Importers
  • Associations – Oman logistics association
  • Dhofar Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Entire senior management team and commercial team of Port of Salalah

For more details, contact:

Indrajeet Kumar
Exhibition Director - Omanexpo
Email: indrajeet.kumar@omanexpo.com
Mobile: +968 98892581


  • 1. Current E-Services
    • a. Mandatory Electronic web access & ways to get customers to gain access
    • b. Electronic Delivery Orders
  • 2. Digitization - Future plan
    • a. Planned services
    • b. Customer expectations
  • 3. Next steps for digitization in Oman
  • 4. Upcoming initiatives from Port of Salalah, like Tradelens
  • 5. Upcoming initiatives from ASYAD
  • 6. Upcoming initiatives from Customs


11:00 AM Introduction

Mark Hardiman
Port of Salalah
11:05 AM Presentation to highlight the following:

  • 1. Our objectives
  • 2. Expected outcome
  • 3. Why digital
  • 4. Where do we stand
Where do we want to be

Sunil Joseph
Port of Salalah
11:20 AM Panel Discussion, Introduction to each panelist

Eng. Hussain Al Bat’hari
Chamber of Commerce, Dhofar
11:25 AM Panel Discussion
12:05 PM Poll questions and answers

Shurooq Mohammed Redha Mustafa
Sr. officer External Marketing
Port of Salalah
12:15 PM Q&A Session, Customer Engagement

Chamber of Commerce, Dhofar
12:25 PM Concluding Note

Mohammed Al-Mashani
Head of Corporate Comm.
Port of Salalah